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Updated: May 30, 2020

There is a mythical place

in Akron, Ohio

a spot with attitude

an infectious place

taking you below yourself

to depths of emotion that you

did not even know existed

you have entered the Blu Zone.

A spontaneous combustion of passion

the language of improvisation

from the horns of Lehman and Blakeslee

an explosion of unconstrained joy

in the rhythm of the drums

a cacophony of soul

from the guitar of Wilson

poetry hitchhikes on waves of sound

the notes washing over you

in an energizing bath.

There is anguish too

heartache, longing, melancholy

from the gut as much as the heart

transporting you to places

that you would rather not go

remembrances of other times

tears and laughter

delights and letdowns

until the music ends

and you remember how much you love

the woman you are with.

©2020 by Barbara Marie Minney. All right Reserved.

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