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BOOK HOOK: “What Rises” by Caitlin Kraus




I have not written a book review on these pages for a while, and I am not going to write one now. As Monty Python’s Flying Circus used to say, “And now for something completely different.” I’m going to try my hand at a music review for the very first time.


Caitlin Kraus is a singer-songwriter living in Athens, Ohio, and she describes her music as “melodic, largely lyric-based, and within the indie folk/alternative genres.” When not writing or singing her music, Caitlin works as a counselor and music therapist in the mental health field.


Caitlin was the very first person that I met when I attended “Words in the Hills” this spring in Hocking Hills. She was so very warm and welcoming that any fears that I had about attending and being accepted at this event just faded away. I also attended Caitlin’s songwriting workshop on Sunday morning and learned some amazing things that will help me with my own poetry writing.


I purchased Caitlin’s CD entitled What Rises and was enthralled from the very first listen. Caitlin’s voice is so very sincere, clear, and true, and her lyrics are very poetic. Caitlin wrote all of the songs, and they just draw you into her world.


The first cut on the CD, “Synchronicity,” was a standout for me, which contains the lines “How to fight your blues, untie your own shoes. “On the Way Down” brought Leonard Cohen to mind. It contains so many great lines, including “And there are words, there are words/I would never say/Oh, I could never pray/The way that you do.” The religious imagery in the song really spoke to me since I use so much of it in my own writing. I also think that “Follow Me” is a wonderful song with the line, “Arms and legs and poetry/Brushing up against me.”


The quality of the singing and writing is consistently good throughout the CD. Just give a listen to “The Locket” and “Waiting for the World.” Each song is unique and has amazing lines and ideas and spoke to me on so many diverse levels. I can’t wait for an opportunity to hear her perform live again.  I would strongly urge you to check our Caitlin and her music at



Barbara Marie Minney is a transgender woman, award-winning poet, writer, speaker, teaching artist, guest reader/editor, and quiet activist. She is a retired attorney and a seventh generation Appalachian. Now based in Tallmadge, Ohio, her first collection of poetry entitled “If There’s No Heaven” was the winner of the 2020 Poetry Is Life Book Award and an Akron Beacon Journal Best Northeast Ohio Book of 2020. Barbara is also the author of the "Poetic Memoir Chapbook Challenge (2021)," "Dance Naked with God (2023)," and "A Woman in Progress (2024)." Follow her at

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