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"Justification" Published in Wicked Gay Ways

I was very excited that my poem "Justification" was selected to be published in the Summer 2020 Issue of Wicked Gay Ways.


I stroll alone

along serene streamers of snow

slithering toward the end of time

beneath a sapphire canopy

a diamond coated hickory tree

sturdy and majestic

standing defiant against the cold

one day sliding into another

like a base runner tumbling into home

You look so delicate

when you’re dreaming

while I feel so empty

justification is just another

word for excuse

my goblet overflows with excuses

fuck justification

and the apology it sailed in on

redemption and salvation are better left to God

All I want is to be loved

for you to understand

my body is a woman’s body

and part of it is my penis

©2020 by Barbara Marie Minney. All Rights Reserved.

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