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Updated: Jul 3, 2020

I’m not sure that

there is such a thing

as transgender privilege.

You rarely see those two words used together.

I live what some

might call a privileged life.

I’m not a person of color,

I have a wife and some friends that stayed,

a nice home, car and resources

…and I like shopping for designer purses

at outlet stores and on ebay.

Privilege does come at a price.

a lot of years

struggling within myself,

consumed by work and commitments,

not always of my own making,

never really living

or taking time

to be in the moment

always outside of myself

looking in

at what I didn’t really know

…nor did I really care.

I have not faced

the inequities or the brutality

of my sisters and brothers,

their bruised and battered bodies,

beaten, shot, and stabbed,

lying unclaimed in morgues

across the world.

All they wanted was to live their truth

…that is all I want too.

Yes, I might live a privileged life,

but my problems are

as real as the next person’s

…at least to me,

my pain is

as real as anyone else’s

…at least to me,

I still hurt from

the sting

of depression, sadness, disappointment, and betrayal

…I still cry myself to sleep at night.

Copyright 2019 by Barbara Marie Minney. All rights reserved.

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