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Here is a list of recommended publications.


“If There’s No Heaven,” (Poetry Is Life Publishing, 2020).


“Poetic Memoir Chapbook Challenge,” (Local Gem Poetry Press, 2021).

"Dance Naked with God," (Rusty McRustBeltFace Press, 2023).

"A Woman in Progress," (Sheila-Na-Gig Editions, 2024).



"Nat'l & Int'l Goddess NBPF 2023 Festival Anthology" (New Generation Beat Publications, 2023).


"new words {issue two}" (new words press, 2023).

"Trash Sandwich Magazine Issue #13 " (Punk Rocket, 2023).

"Christmas Anthology" (Common Literature Period, 2023).

"Spices & Seasonings Series (Silver Birch Press, 2023).

"new words {issue one}" (new words press, 2023).


"Of Rust and Glass Pride" (Of Rust and Glass, 2023).

"Sheila-Na-Gig Online Volume 7.3, Spring 2023" (Sheila-Na-Gig, 2023).

"Ivory" (Spanish Translation, 2023).

"Hamburger Channel" (Spanish Translation, 2023).


"50th Anniversary Hessler Street Fair Poetry Anthology," (Writing Knights Press, 2019).


"Women Speak: Volume Five: Women of Appalachia Project," (Mountain State Press, 2020).


"Women Speak: Volume Six: Women of Appalachia Project," (Sheila-Na-Gig Editions, 2020).


"Women Speak: Volume Seven: Women of Appalachia Project," (Sheila-Na-Gig Editions, 2021).


“Women Speak: Volume 8: Women of Appalachia Project," (Sheila-Na-Gig Editions, 2022).

"Women Speak: Volume 9: 15th Anniversary Edition," (Sheila-Na-Gig Editions, 2024).


“The Gasconade Review Presents: Ladies' Night," (Spartan Press and OAC Books, 2019).


“Woman Scream: The International Poetry Anthology of Female Voices,” (Editorial Rosado Fucsia, 2020).

"The Poetry Society of Indiana’s Virtual Round Robin," (2020).

“The Voices of Real 4” (Poetry Is Life Publishing, 2020).


“The Voices of Real 5,” (Poetry Is Life Publishing, 2021).


“For A Better World 2020: Poems and Drawings on Peace and Justice,” (Ghosn Publishing, 2020).


“For A Better World 2022: Poems and Drawings on Peace and Justice,” (Ghosn Publishing, 2022).


“Wicked Gay Ways Summer 2020 Issue.”


“Wicked Gay Ways Summer Winter 2020 Issue.”


“Wicked Gay Ways Fall/Winter 2021 Issue.”


“Pluviophile: Digital Mental Health Anthology," (Dark Poets Club, 2020).


“Breaking the Silence: An Anthology of Queer Self, Life, and Love in NE Ohio," (Literary Cleveland, 2021).


“Inside Out: An Affirming Epiphany,” (SOS Art, 2021).


“In Our Shoes: An LGBTQ+ Poets Anthology,” (The New Wasteland, 2021).


“Cooch Behar World Poetry Anthology,” (Cooch Behar Books, 2022).


“Gargoyle Magazine #74,” (Paycock Press, 2021).


“I Thought I Heard A Cardinal Sing, Ohio’s Appalachian Voices,” (Sheila-Na-Gig Editions, 2022).


“Christian Poetry Compilation Book,” (Poetry Is Life Publishing, 2021).


“A Poem Demic,” (Poetry Is Life Publishing, 2022).


“Love Poems Anthology,” (Cooch Behar Books, 2022).


“Birds of the Cuyahoga: 2022 Edith Chase Poetry Reading,” (Wick Poetry Center, 2022).

“The Pine Cone Review: Glissade, Special Issue on Dance (“The Pine Cone Review, 2022).

"Trash Sandwich Magazine Issue #10 " (Punk Rocket, 2022).

Other Publications

"American Association of Nude Recreation (" (April 18, 2023)


“Politico Magazine,” (May 13, 2021).


“The Buckeye Flame,” (October 16, 2020).


“The Buckeye Flame,” (December 3, 2020).


“The Buckeye Flame,” (April 15, 2021).


“The Buckeye Flame,” (July 29, 2021).


“The Buckeye Flame,” (June 8, 2022).

The Buckeye Flame” (September 26, 2022).

“Lords Temple Basement Men” (Heyman! Productions, 2019).

“National Benevolent Association Called to Care eNewsletter” (May 2022).

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