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A Woman in Progress by Barbara Marie Minney


A Woman in Progress is confessional poetry infused with a sense of desperation and melancholy and a very personal and candid exploration of angst and personal struggle.  However, underlying it all, there is also a deep and authentic sense of joy and triumph.  Climb aboard this roller coaster ride through the mind of a transgender woman on her journey of perseverance and acceptance of her own uniqueness.

$14 (Purchase via publisher site and from the author)

If There's No heaven.jpg

If There's No Heaven by Barbara Marie Minney


After almost thirty six years, I began writing poetry again as a means of documenting and processing my thoughts, feelings, struggles, and triumphs during my transition to living authentically as the woman that God always intended me to be.  I began my transition at the age of sixty three after repressing my true gender identity for over sixty years, and the poetry in this book charts the first two years of that journey. My poetry is also a challenge to stereotypical beliefs and to accept other people for who and what they are. I am a Christian and conservative leaning, which has caused me to be shunned by my community.  My poetry is also a challenge to unapologetically and proudly accept and love yourself for who you are.

$12 (Purchase via publisher site)


Dance Naked With God by Barbara Marie Minney


"How do poets love?" is a question Barbara asks partway through this marvelous collection delivered in emotionally-fractured, multi-faceted language.  Dance Naked with Gad offers thrilling poems coated with images that lay across one another and interlock like scales, and the end result is a brilliant chameleon reflecting a series of important self-investigation in unique and interesting ways.  I may not have learned precisely how poets love, but these poems show how fierce their passion can be.  By the collections end, I found myself enjoying the liveliness of my resurrection.

$10 (Purchase via publisher site and from the author)

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Poetic Memoir Chapbook Challenge by Barbara Marie Minney


Poems written during a challenge to write 15 poems in 10 days.

$6 (From the Author directly)

Other places available

All of Barbara's books are available at Shelf Life Bookstore

Located at 2115 Front Street, Suite L, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221

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