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Here is a list of workshops led by Barbara


"Blackout Poetry Workshop" (Up Front Art Space, June 27, 2020).

"Write the Poetry of Your Dreams" (Flamingo Writers Guild of Parma, Ohio,  April 30, 2022).

"Anthology Activism: Creating Space for Marginalized Voices Panel (AWP, Seattle, Wshington, March 9, 2023).

"LGBTQ+ Writing Workshop" (Literary Cleveland, May 17, 24, and 31, 2023).

"Writing Your Life In Verse" (West Virginia Writers, Inc,. June 9, 2023).

"Write the Poetry of Your Dreams" (West Virginia Writers, Inc., June 10, 2023).

"Using the Words of Others to Create Something Original" (West Virginia Writers, Inc., June 11, 2023).

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