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RIPPLES (for Yoly Miller)

Dawn is always the

loneliest hour of the day,

disappointments of yesterday

clashing with promises of today

like armies colliding on a battlefield,

the sun beginning to peak through the curtains

as if it’s a curious child.

The pathway behind is part

of my life now,

canyons and peaks leading

to the pinnacle,

chasing the wind through

the cascade of light

toward the obscurity of death.

I lie on my deathbed a thousand times

being reawakened each day

with the freedom of knowing

it is never too late to start over,

to matter enough to make a difference,

riding the harsh waves of life,

leaving a legacy in my wake.

Risk brought me to this moment,

constantly boxing my shadow

until we both are drained,

crossing piranha infested waters

in a leaky lifeboat with no life preserver,

ready to die daily

only to be reborn.

A poet always sees ghosts,

and drinks champagne

when she’s sad,

dealing with the hard things in life

that need talking about,

if only there was someone to talk to,

how many times can God save me?

Being brave is not enough

what is brave about living authentically?

Like a Venn diagram,

we are all connected,

mirrors for each other,

surprised to see parts of ourselves

in the broken eyes of others.

Ready to die daily,

being born again for the very first time

moving out of my comfort zone,

opening up another world,

inspiring others

like a flat rock on the calm clear surface

creating a really big ripple that touches foreign shores.

©2019 by Barbara Marie Minney. All Rights Reserved.

Image Copyright 2017 by Barbara Marie Minney. All Rights Reserved.

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